Automation Empire

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Build and manage a massive industrial network of factories, mines, and farms. Employ a fleet of trains, trucks, and robotic drones. In the age of automation, efficiency is survival!

After playing 140 hours, I’d have to say this is a great simulation/puzzle game, sadly I feel like it’s missing some features that would make it a game that i’d replay 100 times. Starting the game you’re greeted with 14 maps (a few of them are locked) You get to name your Empire which is called a Colony, You have the option to start the game with less money but you get a little bit of infrastructure which is a drone, drone hub, along with a truck entry and exit tunnel and road to connect the two.

Screen Shot from the game.

One of the main points of this game is to sell 30,000kg of materials which for a starter isn’t easy. The picture on the left shows you the weight of all the items currently in the game on a per crate basis.
Then as a harder objective you have to sell 45,000kg without going bankrupt because as you play (if you’re on hard mode)you’ll have to pay taxes on all the stuff you own + all the income you’ve made since the start of the game, so it becomes a race to either 45,000 or a redline in your ledger. Full disclosure, I didn’t really notice the taxes bit until I decided to install Rockets.

All 14 maps (that are currently in game) have been created by the developers so there’s no randomness to the maps, everyone who’s playing that map is experiencing the same thing, which to me is slightly disappointing.

As you progress though the start of the game you’ll be able to build factories, that’ll help you create higher tier materials. Unfortunately the game stops you from currently building on the top of their roofs. Which depending on your factory is a lot of lost space. Then a little later you’ll be able to complete some research that allows you to unlock water to assist you in speeding certain things up which can pass though factories. But my last play I was not able to pass electricity though the factories , so you have to line one side of your factory with power lines.. if you have things on each side of them.