Thanks for visiting!

Until recently this website main focus has been about IRC, But I’ve decided to end the IRC network so I merged it with another network, the IRC portion of this started in the early 2000’s we’ve had a good run but its time to move on.

What’s that mean for this website?

Not much really i’ll still keep it online, i’ve removed all the IRC related stuff, you can find most of it on the IDLECHAT’s Website I’ll randomly post stuff here either pictures, or random wallpapers I’ve found that I like. Maybe a rant or two about things that annoy me.

Are you leaving the IRC World?

No, no I’m not, not really I don’t plan on being as active as I have been in the past. The Team at Idlechat are extreamly amazing, we’ve got roughly 20 or so staff members who have interests in many different areas! you should connect and check them out.